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July 12, 2007



Good thoughts, Melanie! That is definitely one of many things to take into consideration - the carbon "footprint" or the vehicles and tools used to do the recycling in the first place.

A word of caution to fellow refillers: I just read last night about "dioxins", chemicals that are highly poisonous to our body's cells. Supposedly if you freeze your plastic water bottles it releases the dioxins from the plastic into the water. Just an extra fyi...


I live in a hot humid climate...usually just buy bottled water out of need when out and about. I'm a re-filler myself, but good point from the person in Houston. San Fran may have great water, but our here in a little rural area outside of Austin is AWFUL! It passes, but it has so many chemicals in it to make it pass. My neighbor had to buy bottled water to bathe her newborn baby in because his skin reacted to the tap water. We have a filter on the sink faucet and a water helps, but Fiji water does look awful good! Good to know about the Fiji company, I never thought of that. It's expensive anyway. I'll stick to re-filling! Thanks for bring up the subject.


I love all the ideas posted about reusing water bottles and drinking from the tap. A word of caution about's not always good for the environment. The trucks that pick up the bins of recycled materials are often times worse for the environment than just throwing the bottle away. Also, learn about the processes the company uses to recycle to make sure it's better. And there have been reports that some companies just take the bottles, papers, the dump anyway. Before giving your all to the recycling cause, check with the local recycling company in your area to make sure it truly is better for the environment.


I also hate soda, so when I'm out and about so I do occasionally buy bottled water. BUT, I recycle the bottles. Everybody should recycle. It's not any harder to throw a bottle in the recycling bin than in a trash can. Even easier if the trash can has a lid. ;o)

At home we used to have a Brita pitcher but the filters got to be a constant expense. Now have a reverse osmosis filter installed under the sink so we always have good-tasting water to drink. I highly recommend this!

Josh Petersen



Yep, I agree 100% and I'm a "refiller" mainly due to cost, although I do buy the occasional bottles to refill. And another point worth making is recycling. It really doesn't take much time or effort to swing that 10lb trash bag full of hundreds of empty plastic bottles by a recycling facility one a, if you know people buying it by the "caseload" on regular basis, it's worth brining up as a suggestion = )


Hey Sara! Thanks for stopping by. I was actually just looking for a link to the water bottle that a friend of my bought for me in response to this post. I was complaining about the size of Nalgene bottles and how tricky it was to run with them. Well, she went out and found this bottle by Camelbak (the 500ml size) and I have LOVED it! It works great for running and clips on to my backpack for easy travel. Definitely worth it!

We missed SoulFest this year - I suppose they probably needed a hear off. We're actually headed to Jay, ME on Sept. 22nd - check out our website for more details on that!

Stick around, Sara - I appreciate your contribution and look forward to more!


wow that's amazing I did not know that so I am spending and wasting my money on water that I could be getting for less then a penny. as well as protecting the envoirnment
thanks for the information I will be a refiller.

joe Orsak

It's not that we can't or won't drink tap water. (Shoot, most all of us did as kids anyway.)

The problem is the "unknown" aspect. sure, San Fran's water is safe and all... but is HOUSTON TX? I don't know. I tend to think it's not. I also wonder about chlorine and such that's in it. I also wonder about my pipes. All that stuff is what makes me prefer bottled water.

I'm not opposed, just not sure.


Hey Guys,
Interesting comments. I worked at Poland Spring Bottling Co. for almost 10 years. I learned a lot about bottled water in that time. One of the biggest things I learned is that just because water is in a bottle doesn't make it better than tap. You have to read the labels. Aquafina (Bottled by Pepsi) and Desani (bottled by Coke) are just municiple drinking water that's been through reverse osmosis. The water can be bottled close to where it is being sold, so they can keep the cost down - that's why it's usually cheaper than other bottled waters. Poland Spring for example is actual spring water bottled at the source in Maine, so they have to ship it to other locations and that's one of the reasons why it cost a little more.
Not all tap water is bad for us, I think a lot of poeple just buy bottled water because of the convenience. Here in Maine we recycle our bottles (Return them for a .5 refund for each one). Oh and Evian is naive spelled backwards....aren't we naive to pay for something that almost everyone can get for FREE?!
I too finally broke down and bought a Nalgene bottle so I can easily wash it between refills of my filtered tap water I get FREE at home.
Good topic. When are you comming to Maine/NH again??? I wished you were at Soulfest this year! It wasn't the same with out you guys there!!!


"Tap is NOT Crap" - that's quite the slogan, Naomi! Thanks for sharing... I can see myself repeating that over and over whenever I fill up my water bottle at a tap!

Naomi Petty

totally...I have never been into bottled water (just cause it IS so expensive) and I don't plan on starting now!! you'd think we lived in a third-world country or something ?!?! here's your new slogan: "TAP IS NOT CRAP!"


Great tip with the lemon juice, Ellen! Erin always does that in restaurants, but I never thought about doing it at home - it always seemed like a "restaurant" thing to do. I try and keep a Nalgene bottle around as much as possible too - they're just too big to run with! Thanks for stopping by - we're looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks too!


Hey Jeremy,

Great post, and I totally agree with you. I've been drinking tap water for several months now. My roommates and I keep lemon juice in the fridge because adding a bit to tap water really helps to offset the slightly different taste.

A word of caution, though: Used water bottles can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so I use Nalgenes that can more easily be washed between uses.

Really looking forward to seeing you and Erin in a couple of weeks!!

Grace and Peace,

Normal Rockstar

I was drinking tap water today and wasn't too terribly thrilled with the flavor - but I'll get over it I guess! So far so good... Thanks!


i like my Brita too. i sometimes buy bottled water. i recycle of course. the bottled stuff tastes 'flat' to me. .missing something. . though i do love Evian, i have to admit.


I don't like bottled water. It tastes funny to me, often too plasticy.

Having said that, I will buy it when I'm thristy and have no other options. Like on a road trip. Because I'd rather have that then soda.

Now I do use a Brita filter at home because the tap water around here tastes awful. But I grew up drinking tap water and would again in a heart beat if I could.

You've got my full support on this one.


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