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March 13, 2008



Whoa, that really happened???

That's pretty funny...rofl!

I was up til 2 last night listening to music(cause I couldn't sleep), and I swear, it was Downhere, Ronnie Freeman and Anuna.

And I don't have any David Crowder Band CDs...just saying. lol



You guys are the best! Don't worry about C.J. (though I doubt you're really concerned). You guys have one of the best sounds there is out there, and I really mean that. Though you may not be my absolute favorite (this may be solved by seeing you in concert), you've got a place in my heart far above David Crowder Band ^_^


oh man! Christians are especially clueless me-thinks (that was in honor of st. patty's day). When I worked at a Christian bookstore that my family owned, people would often questions like "is this book cheaper at Wal-Mart?" or "Thanks for letting me listen to that CD, I'm going to order it online." Maybe in churches we need to add Manners 101 as a pre-requisite to Membership 101. haha


OUCH! Some people.......I won't even finish.


i guess the odd slice of humble pie is good for everyone?! but still, what was wrong with that guy??? President of the "Open mouth, insert foot Club"?
I read your blog out loud to Rob, who was in the other room. We both laughed at your tips and cringed at the buddy's insensitivity. . geez, some people!!!

your CDs. . and we have every one. . . are all worn out! Downhere ROCKS!!! boourns to clueless!


WEll his wife plain out has TERRIBLE Taste!!! No Doubt!! Not only are you guys my choice over any other artist, you are in 4 out of 6 of my CD spots in the car!!
Croweder over DH?!? Peshaw

Holly Ross

LOL! Excellent laughs! Reminds me of The O'Reilly Factor when Bill said to Michael W. Smith, "So, you've got an album coming out soon... that must be pretty exciting for you!" -saying it as if it was his first album- To which Michael replied quite humbly, "Well, yes I do... it's my 19th..."


David who? :)


I still remember the "Clueless Joe" moment my hubby had with you about a year ago (hopefully you've forgotten it). I had tried to stop him from shoving his large foot into his mouth, but there's only so much a wife can do... I don't think he was quite as (cluelessly) offensive as this guy though!


Duh! Of course downhere wins over David Crowder every time!!!!

And I mean that, I really really do.

Brody Harper

Wait... you're in a band??!!


If it makes you feel any better, Thunder After Lightening was one of the CD's I brought into work to listen to this week.

Thanks for the laugh.


Paul J.

Dude. Too funny.
Reminds me of my own moment. A few months after I left the band, I was in a music store in Atlanta picking up some stuff. We bought THOUSANDS of dollars of gear from these folks. I still had long hair. A six-foot poster of us was on the wall BEHIND me as I was at the register.
The guy kept staring at me.
Finally he says -
"Do I know you?"
I smile and point at the poster behind me. His face brightens and he replies:
"Man, I KNEW you used to be somebody!"


That's hysterical!

And if it makes you feel any better, I have more of your albums than Crowder's. Hehe.

Thanks for posting.


Ha ha ha ha. Sorry, man. If this helps at all . . . I listened to every one of your albums last week . . . AGAIN. Can't wait for the new one. Love it. Genius. Not blowing smoke. Poetry. Moving. Fun. Check. Check. Check. As a matter of fact, I am going to stop listening to this John Tesh CD I can't get enough of and listen to your CD's again.

Nathan Gaddis

That is my official "good laugh" of the day! Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing that one!


Ha! That's worth a good laugh. At least he recognized you. You're absolutely correct that this kind of conversation is perfect fodder for a blog.

Maybe I should give that album a listen, if only I could stop listening to my Air Supply greatest hits ;)

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