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June 12, 2008


Jen Abbas de Jong

Jeremy!!! I'm so happy for you and ERin. We're also due in December..the 11th! God is so good. Morning sickness has been a bear (3 trips to the ER and 1 short stay in ICU), but baby DJ is doing well. Our 20 week U/S is Aug. 4. So, SO happy God has blessed us both...again. We'll be praying all goes well with little T.


Congrats!!! I remember the first time Warren & I got to hear our baby's heartbeat! Good times indeed!


Congratulations!!! That's amazing. :) I love ultrasounds.

Emma Jean

CONGRATULATIONS from the Mittelbergs!!!!! :D :D :D


Hey, congrats!

lynse leanne

Jeremy and Erin, i am so excited for you all!! That is awesome. You must teach him/her the Canadian National Anthem...

Ya'll are going to make great parents!!


This is great news. Congratulations!


haha! I think I was doing the same thing as Holly. Back when I saw you all on April 18th she said something like "Since we still don't have any kids, I can be out of the road. I would much rather do that than sit home." God is so awesome in everything that He does. I still can't get over all of this! So happy for both of you! :-D


Congratulations, you two! I was actually just praying for you last night. Not that it happened last night, obviously. You will be great parents! We're really happy for you.

Holly Ross

WOO HOOOOO! :-D I knew this HAD to be coming pretty soon - I don't know the last time I've seen someone want a baby as much as Erin did when I saw her in April! And I'm trying to count the days... does that mean she was already pregnant on April 4th?!? ha! God is just SOO cool with His timing!! He totally knows the desires of our heart. He put that same craving for a baby in me last spring and I was already pregnant (but didn't know it!) I've got no problems with baby posts on the Rockstar blog... I've struggled with the same decision whether or not to have a second blog just for baby stuff, but so far I'm just integrating them. Keep an eye out for a few more baby-related posts coming soon on mine!


Super Congrats!!!!!


Yay, that's GREAT! Congratulations!

Amy (BeyondJEMS)

Erin may want to check out the Stroller Stides links on my blog site. if she is around and looking to join a group of new moms looking for fitness it is a great great place to be. I lost my last 25 lbs there. They also have discounts on the best jogging strollers on the market!

Amy (BeyondJEMS)

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both! Every baby is such a miracle & blessing. Beyond that it's a blast!!!!

William Stillwagon

Wow, great news, my step son's wife is due 11/11/08 and it will be born in Germany. See you in AtlantaFest, will Erin be there?

Kara Davies

CONGRATS! You two are going to be great parents. :D :D :D


YAY!!!!! The heartbeat sounds amazing. wow. . . You both must be over the moon?!!!! How wonderful.

Cherylyn Ebertz

AHHH!! i'm so super excited for you, Jeremy!!!
i was hoping that was you VERY important appointment yesterday!!!
hooray! I'll be praying my little heart out for you, Erin, & Baby Thiessen!
so magnanimous!!!

Dave Carrol

wow man... big congrats


Thanks all for your words of encouragement. Your excitement is contagious... We love it!


Yay! congrats to you guys! we are new in this whole world of kid and it's super wonderful and a wild adventure. Funny that you don't want this to turn into a parenting blog...I went ahead and started a whole new blog when I got prego so I could dish on that freely. Now it's all about what the heck you do when that baby comes out into the world. :) Hope things continue to go well. Yay!!!!

Miss Maria D`

OH MY GOOOODDDNNEEESSSS!~!!!! this is SO exciting!!! I just screamed out loud!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so so so happy for you guys!!!


Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys! You're going to be great parents.

Erika Haub

Congrats, from a fellow Scriber!

My husband is a musician as well and one of the kids' favorite things as babies (and still) was always to sit with him as he rehearsed new music or played through the week's worship set in the living room. Well, he's a guitar player so maybe that would be a little different with drums :)

Also, don't be shy about sharing your stories of parenthood on the blog--my posts about the kiddos are often people's favorites!

Matt Deane

Congratulations Jeremy! What great news. Your lives will never be the same...but in a good way! Blessings to the three of you!




Awesome dude! That's great! Congrats!


Me too, Brad! Thanks, all!


Congratulations on the great news - I hope he/she looks like Erin :-) Praying for you, your wife and your new baby.

Sara Harper

Yay!!!!! I thought that might be what your VERY important appt was!! Congrats!!! I'm super excited for you both!!!!


Praise God and big congrats! You are about to get the theology lesson of a lifetime! Enjoy!


I am so happy for you and Erin both! This is such great news! You two will definitely both be in my prayers through this pregnancy! :-D

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