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June 14, 2008



I think you struggle with the idea because it's seriously weird. LOL It's not like no one would notice that you were gone.
How and where does one find this stuff? LOL


rapture?! i haven't heard talk of that for ages. . i don't even know if i believe in a 'rapture' - i've heard convincing argument for both positions and done lots of study. This thing here, i'm not sure what to think of it either. Okay, i guess i do know. . i don't like it.


It cut me off!


For those who less technologically inclined, or strapped for cash, I head about a guy willing to deliver letters for the raptured last year.



Uhmm..yeah. I'd definitely be pretty freaked if something like that happened to me.


That is SO weird...and I totally get what you mean with the embarrassing thing.

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