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June 03, 2008


Amy (Beyond JEMS)

just downloaded this... it's awesome! I'm passing on the news to my friends that they have to buy this cd! Thanks Jeremy for sharing!


I already have this cd... but now my friends can listen to it too :)


Thank you, euphrony pointed me over here.


I will post this link on my blog in the next couple of days! Thanks for doing this for your fans! Praying this will generate your sales and new fan base.


I posted this on my blog, and personally told a friend about it who had been trying to find better music than the average blah that gets played around here.

Looking forward to the new album!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Jeremy...that's so cool! You guys are indeed amazing songwriters and performers and I Canadians are cool. If you come to SoCal, I should hook you up in Temecula someday.

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