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June 19, 2008



Great interview! Thanks for sharing!


I have to agree with Cherylyn about the soundtrack thing.... I have adopted many a downhere song as my personal anthem and they have gotten me through many seasons of my life.

As a side note, love the floating baby. 189 days to go!


Fun stuff, man. Thanks again.

Donna Thiessen

I enjoyed the interview too Jeremy. You are a wise young man and a rich blessing to your father and I. We are very proud of you!


That was a FABULOUS interview, Jeremy! I REALLY enjoyed it... i don't think your voice is heard enough in interviews & you have LOTS of phenomenal things to say!!!

"We've said before that we want our music to be a soundtrack to the human experience.."

I really liked that you said that because I have said on more than one occasion that your music has been the soundtrack to my life... from almost 14 years old to almost 21 years old now, your music and lyrics have been such a huge influence on my life. and being able to get to know you so well has definitely enriched my life! that's for sure. :]


I really enjoyed that alot! Thanks for doing that, Jeremy! :-)

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