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July 28, 2008


Ally Sal

congrats...Amazing how the baby looks on the ultrasound...


After hearing the meanings of your names at the concert yesterday, I'm sure you'll pick the perfect one for your little boy! Congratulations again!!!


to heck with no input on the naming!

Like I mentioned earlier, I only get so many shots at this. Stephen is a wonderful name, and really speaks to the strength, mystique, and all around awesomeness of the Thiessen name. With a little luck and good uncle-ing, he'll grow up to be just like me. And really, you couldn't ask for much more than that...

Emma Jean

Congratulations, Jeremy and Erin!!! We are so happy for you guys!!! :) Lord, please bless this precious child, and may he serve you with his whole heart all of his life!!!


Congratulations! Everybody has their opinions about names, whether boys or girls are harder, and everything else that comes after... But God knew just what was right for you and Erin and the little guy, so no matter what, he's going to be a little blessing. Congratulations again!


yay for you two!! i mean three!! i agree with whomever mentioned ultrasounds being so much better than they used to be! Amazing. . I was so happy to read of your good news. God IS good!!


The real question...will he be a Red Wing fan or a Maple Leaf fan???


Corrine aka Mama Gomer

Congratulations! How exciting for you to see your precious baby on the ultrasound! It's amazing how much detail they can see.

Smart not telling anyone the name until he's born. Otherwise, you'd be changing the name 9 times before he gets here, because people would say to you, "I once knew a ____ and he was a real jerk." or "You're calling him ____? Really? Well, it's your kid." and other things like that to make you second guess your choice. This way, whatever you call him, when you introduce him by that name, people will only see him and associate him with that name. Have fun picking out a name!

Heather Beard



Hey congratulations!!

He's grown so much. Erin looks fabulous in her expectant momma photos. Enjoy your visit in Invermere!
Love Great Auntie Cathy


Well, I was one of those who was wrong. I know so many people expecting boys right now, I figured there needed to be a girl in the mix to even things out.

Either way, congrats!



Congratulations!!! Goes to show you that God is smarter than a bunch of people on the web... :-)


Wow, a boy!!! Congratulations!!! I just got home and quickly logged on to read the big reveal. I'm so excited for you! I'm eager to see if you pick one of my favorite boy names. Let me know if you want to borrow any Baby Names books... and check out!


WOW! A BOY!!! Huh-larious! Erin knew it all along too, LOL! And he's already a runner! :)

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!

Jen Abbas de Jong

CONGRATS on your little boy!!!!

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