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January 15, 2009



what an awesome video!!! Little Liam is SO cute. .I loved hearing your reactions! bless you all. . and I sure he gets better soon!! I'll keep praying for you all.

kaitlyn tillman

YEAH!glad he's feeling somewhat better.they growup so fast


It is amazing, isn't it? I remember when our son was 2 months old and started helping to dress himself. His home-visit teacher couldn't believe me, though she tried to hide the look on her face, so I went and got a new shirt for him and had her see it for herself. Yes, it ;-)


How sweet! Erin sounds like she was going to cry! Those moments are so special. Awesome that you got it on tape. :)


That's so exciting to have that moment captured on video. You guys sound like you are really enjoying him and are great parents! Great to see.


How precious!! What a neat moment to have captured on tape!! WE are glad you are all home again! Hope Liam continues to feel better!!


ADORABLE!!! :-) And VERY impressive for the little guy!! 6 weeks seems so early for rolling over already!

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