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June 28, 2005



Hey buddy
Glad to see things are going good. Miss ya man


Those were great... you don't know if they happen to have one of those for wives do you?


Jer, great read today! I have been slowly trying to get my own business up and running and it is easy to let everything else become secondary... Easy for me to forget sometimes that my wife is the main reason why I am able to do all this... How was it that I got by without her?


haha You forgot the most important tip in there bro. The words "Yes Dear"


Great blog. Sorry to contact you in your comment field, but your band's site is "Safari-hostile", and I was not able to get the bio dropdown list to show. Anyway, I am a musician - former jazz/R&R guitarist (Was even on MTV back in the "Vinyl Age") who now plays solo electric nylon string - and also a dedicated Christian (Or, "Follower of The Way" as I prefer to call "the walk"). I added you to my blog bookmark list, and I have a wonky music theory blog, if you like musical esoterica: . Take care and remember, John 3:16 is your insurance policy. ;^)


i like those! all very cute and true. you'll be able to write your own book in a couple of decades! I'm gonna write my own book on what its like to live with a man. . its called "101 Reasons Why Women Become Lesbians"!! i'm just teasing. . cuz i like being married to my man!!! but sometimes. . . . . and at those times we usually make a joke out of the situation and he'll say to me "there's another one for the book!"


All very good advice! I like it...share as much as you like...

These were my three fav's right in a row that you posted!

Help her chase her dreams. This could be going back to college, starting a company, or writing a book.

Ask her for help.

Make sure she hears exactly what you're saying. Have her repeat your words. It will amaze you what she's heard.

a couple from myself.

When she is PMSing DO NOT try to 'help' her or 'fix her' ...just put on her fav. movie, give her a container of her favorite treat and then go away...even if she cries alot, trust me, there is nothing you can do!

Never underestimate the power of doing one of her household chores for her while she is away (like the dishes or laundry or cleaning the bathroom...whatever you have worked out) without being will have an ecstatic wife, and the benefits to yourself will become very evident!

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