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September 23, 2005



Jeremy: I tried so hard for over an hour to get connected. I guess the link provided was so busy that it was next to impossible to hook up. I wish I had seen the concert but I know time will present it self and eventually I will see it through downhere connections.

I can so identify with your wanting to be there to help. Unlike yourself I have no real commitments to Cambridge and work at this time that if God presents the opportunity for me through the Salvation Army to go I am so out of here and there.

Thanks for your part in helping. What you and the guys do on a regular basis help so many children, it is wonderful. You are always promoting World Vision and the adopting a child program, what a wonderful ministry you do daily in that aspect.

My cousin is working full time for World Vision our of Brampton I think. She just spent 6 months in Africa, can't wait to hear of her travels.

God Bless the work you, the guys and the band are doing.



how much money was raised?!

I'm sure with living in the Southern States you will feel much more affected by this than those who live further away. . . sometimes i feel just really out of touch when things happen far from where i live - its hard to understand it. .its hard to feel. . but its easier if i see footage or interviews, etc.

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