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September 07, 2005



mmm kettle corn! very fattening. . rare treat. . i go the microwave route - good old Orville - i don't know anyone like Konrad who will make some of the 'real stuff' for me!

Sarah Potts

Hi Jeremy! How's it going? I am doing well. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I'm not into blogging, because I am just too busy! I do have a "myspace" page and you guys are my friends! Anyways, I left a comment on the page. So I'll just re-post it here. "Hey guys! It's Sarah from VA. I saw ya'll in Williamsburg way back in December 2004! My friend Julie Smith and I sent a letter and pics in October/November-ish and then ended up seeing you in Williamsburg soon after. Jason said he put the pic on his fridge at home! So maybe he might remember us. We are currently working with Pam Kistler to get a show in VA on March 18th. Some of you (or all of you) might stay at my house! So Julie and I are really excited about getting to see you guys again. We sent Heather Germain a note, so hopefully someone can be looking out for that soon (we mailed it to Ray Ware Management, it should be there by now). OK, so I really was writing to ask 2 questions. I asked Marc about downhere hoodies back in Dec. and he said to check back later; so I figured you might have some now since it's about to get cold outside. Who can I get in touch with about that? I already have everything else you guys have on sale, but I'd like to get 2 hoodies. And also, when is the new CD coming out?!?!?!?"

So you may or maynot remember me. But that's alright. I know you guys meet a lot of fans each week. Oh, on the downhere website, there's not a single concert listed. Aren't you guys touring with the Swift this fall? I'd love to see you guys again, but I don't know any of the concert dates! I will hopefully keep in touch with you. I have class in 10 minutes, so I've gotta jet. Take care! Sorry it's so long!

Sarah Potts

Jeff Lash

Hey Jeremy...I've been reading your blogs for some months now but have been too lazy to post anything. Heck, I hardly even post on my own blog. I totally agree with your feelings toward the Amish. They are fun people and they certainly know how to cook. You might have a heart attack afterwards, but it's worth it. I just wanted to say hey and congrats on the hook up with Centricity. I'm looking forward to some new material.

Oh you guys still live in the Franklin area? Somewhere I read that you guys were ballers and hook up to play some b-ball around town. A bunch of us play at our church on Franklin Rd. You should stop on in and bring your A game. haha Take care.

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