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October 31, 2005



jeremy - i found this site...sort of by chance. i saw your "must read" list and, for some reason, found myself at the bookstore yesterday picking up a copy of 'blue like jazz'. it seems very interesting - definitely outside of the box. thanks...


so how about you quit?


Man, of all the post that I read by you, this one hit hard. How true it is that we allow our selfs to be distracted? I have been thinking a lot about how much I don't go to God because I would rather check out whats on TV or sleep or watch paint dry! Why is so hard to pray? I wonder many times if its because we are afraid that God might actually answer our prayers. Scary thought. I mean He can't answer them, if we don't ask? Right?
Thanks for all the you do in your ministry. I went to see Downhere a few years back in St. Pete, FL and got to meet you all after the show. You guys are very talented and real. Thank you.


Thanks for the reminder, Jeremy. This really hit home because there are and have been many times in my life where I don't spend enough time communicating with the people I care about most, let alone God. (The part about not getting out of bed, then nodding off and having to double time to get to work fit me exactly.) I have made a greater effort in the last few years to find times in my schedule to spend with God. It is very important to me yet I still to this day need to keep reminding myself of it. Thanks for the post.


you nailed it, that's probably exactly how God feels when people don't make time for him. I'm sure that you and Erin will find a way to make this work. You know, I used to find that my prayer times were the best when it was so chaotic around here that I had to tell my family that i was praying and that i would be down when i was done. I would go into my room, close the door, then go into my closet and sit in the dark there. . I didn't hear a thing and there was nothing to catch my eye and distract me, nothing to hear that would do the same. It was quiet and it was an easy place to be still and listen to God. Maybe when you're on the road, you could do the same. . go into a closet somewhere.. I think that we often have to make ourselves stop running, doing, saying. .

As for you and Erin. . well, you can both sit in the closet!!! LOL!!!

Melissa Thiessen

Awesome post Jer! Stephen and I went through the exact same thing when we were dating, and found some of the same frustrations (although not to the same degree as a married couple!). We never found enough time on the phone to have a real deep conversation because of this or that getting in the way, like you mentioned. But what a reality check to realize that God feels the same way about our relationship with him. Makes me realize how much more effort I should be putting into my relationship with him and the QUALITY time I spend with him, becuase it should be important to me. Thanks for the great words!
love ya!

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