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October 21, 2005


Matt Prior

We only met once, and it involved me on a "shower walk" in front of you and Andrew Haak on Whit 2, but I must say I appreciate the truth in this post. This is something I think us married men will constantly learn from our wives. How did the cake delivery go?


I agree wholeheartedly Jeremy! God places us with spouses who compliment us. Our weaknesses are their strengths and their weaknesses are our strengths. He does that so that together we become one whole strong unit that hopefully will result in two stronger Christ-like servants. I treasure my wife, baggage and all, because I know together we are more than we are individually when we are following Him.


wow, your wife sounds like a dear person! Next time she wants to do stuff like that, zip your lip buddy!!! trust her!!! what a wonderful story. . I agree marriage is an awesome thing and there is much to learn from each other. Happy 5 months! is there a 5 months anni?? you're hilarious! I can't believe that we'll be 25 years next May!!! it sometimes seems like yesterday that we were newlyweds.

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