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October 13, 2005



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Walter Booth

Your wife did look beautiful in this photo and her dress looked good on her, too! I can still remember when my wife Kate and I got married last year. We got married actually in Irving. Photographer captured even the little details in our wedding. And we liked the photos taken by the photographer (Irving). They are spectacular and truly a work of art!

buy viagra

I loved the pictures!! are beautiful! the photographer did a great job!


hey jeremy i just wanted to tell you that since i am a wedding photo type of person i visited that site, and all i have to say is WOW! Those are some gorgeous wedding photos of what looks like a gorgeous wedding! seeing the happiness of you and erin in those photos brought joy to me! congratulations, i'm happy that you're together and hope that you will remain as happy as you were that day for the rest of you lives.


Lovely pictures. Congratulations! :)


Those wedding pics are beautiful, title discripes it all fairytale. Very nice. Very nice pics.

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