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March 26, 2006


cosmetic surgeon utah

I was really entertained and gave me a lot of news.


This movie touched my heart in so many ways!! It's something similar to what I'd like to do with my filmmaking ministry.


Great documentary.Moving and a challenge to do more with Art in order to build bridges.


I have seen this film too and was moved. May I recommend another one called "Promises" and I have heard good things about one called "God grew tired of us." I love docs!


That is absolutely phenomenal.
I cannot even believe how we glide through our lives absolutely complacent & unaware of the atrocities that happen on the very same planet that we live on. This bewilders me.
But it's amazing when someone dares to do the unimaginable so that others are aware of these things...and we as fellow human beings...can do something to change these tragic things that are happening! Thank you for posting this, Jeremy.



RC of strangeculture

Loved this film. I wrote a pretty good post in feb. about it:

I think you'd like it a lot.

Great movie, people should see it.

--RC of

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