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February 21, 2007



That makes sense!

Apparently studies have shown that anger can lead to heart-related death and worry can lead to cancer...

Maybe we should listen to the hispanics and English... tea time and nap time = happier people!


Hey, in my cube-dwelling life, I'm near the end of a row few people walk down. With my computer situated so that my back is to the cube entrance, a few minutes of shut-eye is easy and rarely noticed. If I get a chance to sit in that chair long enough, that is. I'm usually too busy moving around and working in my lab.

By the way, my wife and I caught your show in Houston last night. It was some good music, overlaid by the scents of fresh-baked cookies from Great American Cookie Company. I've looked forward to seeing you guys for a while, and I'm glad you made it to Houston. Come back soon!


I think some people at work probably nap. I don't think I'm fast enough to nap and keep my stats up, though. I just need to make myself get 8 hrs. of sleep. LOL


I'm quite convinced that naptime is essential to the workplace I'm in.

If a nap, with cold milk and warm cookies afterwards, works when we were little tykes.... why can't it work now? :p


Hey I heard about this on the radio yesterday! I don't guess anybody would know if I took a nap during the workday since I work from home... although the IM messages might wake me up!

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