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April 12, 2007



That description of the Canadian man sounds a bit metrosexual! The Canadian man also disappears for long stretches during hockey season, depending how his team does during the play offs. He's very much at home in building supply stores, loves his Tim's coffee, enjoys The Hour and digs Rick Mercer's comedy, Holmes on Homes is cool too. After 26 years of marriage my Canadian man still hates buying 'lady things'at the grocery store and will seldom do so. . nor can he make risotto!

Glenn Lavender

First of all, we can't afford a Porsche until we're middle aged and that's if we're lucky. Second, of course I have a man crush on Jack Bauer. How could you not?? Third, I occasionally check out my pecs. So what. Give me a break, I work hard and like to see the results plus I wanna look good for the wife!

So I guess what I'm saying is, being a Canadian man, that article pretty much nailed me.

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