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May 25, 2007



Desde el primer momento, el equipo entrenado por Pepe Mel era un candidato al ascenso, gracias a la mordiente que tiene arriba, y las predicciones no han sido falsas, porque a pesar que se han tirado alguna jornada sin ganar, el colch贸n de puntos conseguido en la primera vuelta ha sido determinante para tener la tranquilidad necesaria para remontar el vuelo. Adem谩s, con Jonathan Pereira recuperado de la lesi贸n, las alternativas son mucho mayores y hace que el m铆ster tenga tres delanteros que pueda usarlo a su gusto y dependiendo del encuentro.
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Escrito por: Federico Colman
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鈥淓l trabajo ayuda, yo creo mucho en la convivencia y en la formaci贸n de un grupo m谩s que del equipo鈥?
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there are rumours that the Preds are coming to my home town, Cambridge, Ontario. But of course those are just rumours. The guy who bought out the team is from our neighbouring city, Kitchener, Ontario and this guy just bought significant acreage just outside of town here. . .So, that's the buzz around town. We'll see. I hope for your sake that you'll get to keep 'your' team there! Is it tough in a football town to get the crowds to come out for hockey? I'm hearing that the team is playing well but not drawing the crowds.


PS - It works! A real person just answered the phone and transferred me to another person very quickly. The second guy said they were taking a lot of calls about the Preds and mentioned the same thing happened when this guy tried to buy the Penguins and all the calls stopped it. He said the guy wants to move a team to either Houston, Winnipeg, Oregon or somewhere else that he couldn't remember. So call! You'll be done in under 60 seconds!


First of all, what time in the morning do you go to the gym?!? :-)

Even though I'm not still in Nashville, I did enjoy the games a lot when I was there, so maybe I'll call and help you out. I know I'd hear complaints from a lot more than just you guys if the team does move!

And if that happens, you can always come visit here and watch the Stanley Cup winning Carolina Hurricanes... (not that they are good enough to win it again this year!)

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