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May 30, 2007



Our little guy, Lucas, lives in Brasil. He is growing up so fast - he isn't much of a writer, but he does send us cool pictures of his house, of cars, trees, things he likes to draw. He looks healthy and happy. We pray for him and for his family. World Vision - i can't say enough good about that organization. When we receive the pleas for urgent help in the world's different hot spots we always like to give the extra for emergency aid. Their catalogue is a great way to benefit children/families world wide.


I've sponsored a Compassion International child for about 10 years now (since Spring of 1997), currently Amnard Sangawang from Thailand; my Sunday School class sponsors a World Vision child, Sharon Akello in Uganda; and my church youth group supports two World Vision kids, Gideon Kipkatam from Kenya and Pinku Parsram from India. I highly recommend sponsorship... the letters you receive from the kids are SO awesome! :-)

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