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July 03, 2007


Normal Rockstar

Kat/Jimmy, that's crazy that you have family in Moldova. What a small world indeed... I would love to go over and spend some time with the kids at some point. Summer is just not a good time for me with our tour schedule - but I'm hoping Erin and I will get a World Vision trip in to Africa sometime this year to meet our sponsor child(ren). You can be praying for that!


I was just thinking the other day about how much more we could do if our churches, individually dedicated themselves to one area or organization and focus on it. Sounds like what your church is doing. Those blogs will be interesting reads, thanks for linking to them.

Chaotic Hammer

Great job, Jeremy. Great information and inspiration. I love hearing testimonies about all the things that so many of our churches are doing around the world, that typically get little or no notice in the news or other places. Praying with you today.


As Kat alluded, I have a little brother who is Moldovan. American Dad (mine), Moldovan mom (nice lady), equals a 4 year old little brother. He is a cute little guy and we all love him. It would be great if you all prayed for little Mathias when you read this. Maybe one day he will move to the states and go to college here and when he is 18 and the QB of some college team, or marches in the band, or does whatever, I will be the 46 year old brother cheering wildly.

erin mount

Wow, it really is a small world! One of my friends is on the Falesti team, and I've been praying for them! Thanks for this post!

Crystal Renaud

right on. the local church is definitely overlooked and thought of as not as important as global missions, etc. but it's the local church that builds up the missionaries and sends out the money, etc. as a member of a church staff i believe that fully.


Wow. It's a small world. I actually have family in Moldova. Chisnau even.

Those are some staggering statistics...

Ryan G.

Great post Jeremy and good reminders about investing in our local "mission".


My church has a couple of groups in Hungry and Ukraine right now, wirking with children and adults. We are also a sponsoring church for Eastern European Missions, who have been working there since before the USSR disolved. The things that go on in this part of the world are tragic, yet at the same time they desire more than anyone else on earth to be shown a better way. I'll be praying for these groups working in Moldova.

kat's mom

Thank you for your posting today! I commented on "Falesti" I will be praying for you today!

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