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July 03, 2007



That song fits perfectly.


This song reminds me of some old Steve Camp classics, like "Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them" (till you're ready to love them, too) and "Do You Feel Their Pain". Ol' Steve has never been afraid to call Christians out of their apathy, and these songs were a big part of the impetus that moved me from being religious to practicing religion like James 1:27 tells us, touching lives in need. This, perhaps, is one of the best things that Christ-oriented music can do (for me, at least): serving as a constant reminder of those things we forget as we simply struggle to live, at times the comfort of a friend and at other times the convicting voice of the prophet.

Praying for you today, and looking forward to this afternoon’s post.

Normal Rockstar

Thanks, TrueVyne! It is indeed a powerful song. I was worried someone else might beat me to the punch... but I'm glad you were ministered to it on your day of fasting.


Jeremy, I listened to this song all day during my fast. It is inspiring and helps me out of my complacency. Thanks for posting it for the fast. I thought about doing so myself, but I'm glad you beat me to it.


What a beautiful song.
We MUST go, even if its next door, or even if its to the local homeless shelter, or if its to the website mentioned so far in this 40 day fast. Stepping FORWARD.
Thank you for sharing, Im praying for you today as you step forward and "go".


That's a great song, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing it.

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