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August 11, 2007



That's a very good point, John - I'm sure they've worked hard to be able to pull that off as the food we're served on the road is most often of the not-healthy variety!


At least Jars can run out there looking like that!


hey jeremy! well aren't you quite the sleuth to find my link? sure i'll add you but only if you will be my Token Rockstar... i think that's even better than being simply Normal isn't it? :) Hope you're doing well! I feel like I've run into you before at GMA or CBA or something???
anywho... cheers!


I just saw these jokers this weekend at Rock The Universe and had totally forgotten about you blogging about it weeks ago. I had a good chuckle at their outfits. After all their years together they still know how to have fun.


yup, I totally saw that. It was pretty crazy. My friends and I laughed really hard!


that's awesome. found your blog via Aaron Ivey. Have a great time in Ireland...


:-) Yeah, they wore those at Creation West. It was funny, but a little shocking when they ran out wearing them...


Hey guys - thanks for posting! It was a fun night and a great festival. We nicknamed them "Jars of Thigh" for the evening... Good times had by all! I almost chose to wear my running shorts (i.e. "short shorts") for last night's show because it was SO hot inside (no a/c). But alas - I opted to just sweat a bunch instead.


It is amazing how much I loved you guys at Unity more than any other band. Because of set placement, I just got away from my stage in just enough time to see most of your set. Thank you so much for playing again this year.


LOL... yea, I am on their message boards, so I knew that they were wearing the same outfits at all the summer festivals. They wore them at Creation and then I laughed because they were probably skirting the dress code there a tad. LOL As for running, Dan has been running all over that stage. LOL

I love the placement between Jars and Leeland. I think you guys should be right up there with them. All of you are good. :)

BTW, didn't know you had Rockstars Need Money tees. I didn't get to see the merch tents much.



Now that's just scary.

Mark Jones

I can't wait to see you guys at Liberty University


You guys put on a great show last night. That Jars of Clay thing was a little scary though at first, haha. I didnt buy one of your "Rockstars Need Money" shirts, but hope fully I can find one somewhere. Keep rocking,


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