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August 24, 2007



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I think bias is the wrong word. Predisposition perhaps. Men/boys do tend to be more competitive in general, it seems. But women are just competitive in different areas (purses?). :)

When I was a kid my sister and I saved up together for an bought a Super Nintendo. We played it some, a lot more at first than later, but never got hooked.

But there are other things that when I get started, I can't stop. Like reading a book. I can read a book in 24 hours given the opportunity - because I can't put it down.

What do you think?


i wonder if this phenomenon has a gender bias (for lack of a better word)? i.e. do more males succumb to this addiction than females? i don't really like games in general. . not old-fashioned ones or 21st century ones. . i don't seem to have a game-loving personality. too practical? maybe there's a personality component too. Perhaps some personalities are more drawn to games of all sorts.


This is true everybody what Jeremy stated that this is why he doesn't want to get into video games. I'm Jeremy's brother-in-law and Jeremy and I have entertained ourselves on the Xbox 360 at the Holiday times. Let's just say our Canadian drummer is...well not good. I didn't tell him but at one time I turned the controler upside down so everything was backwards for me. He still didn't fair well. So Jeremy, I understand that you don't want to get addicted to games and that's noble of you. But for the fun of our holidays, could you please perhaps stop by Best Buy and maybe play for a few mins. Looking forward to Christmas.
Matt :-)))


Carla, GREAT find on that link. It's a very interesting follow-up to this post - they voted against it this time around because more study was needed. Thanks for sharing that!


Actually, addiction experts voted AGAINST categorizing video games as being addictive. see this story

I think that we have forgotten the word "obsession" and taken the personal responsibility away from people who are obsessed. (Since that's the way our culture is going in general).

So then, what do we call it when our thoughts and actions overtake what is important? I think it's sin, and sin loves nothing more than perpetuation.

That's my thinking, at least. (I haven't seen the video this trailer is referring to.)


I'll admit that I do not and will not own a video game machine. I don't even play or put games on my computer. I will flush my life away doing nothing but playing them. Take, for example, Tetris: when I play it, I play it constantly and I picture the blocks falling and going into place even when I'm not playing the game. It drives me crazy, but I can't get it out of my head.

I've actually heard that the visual aspect is what helps make it so addictive, very much akin to porn addiction. In both, it is the false feeling of interactivity that makes it so attractive and so hard to walk away from.

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