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September 17, 2007



Hi. In the future I'm going to keep here links to their sites. But I do not worry about the sites where my link is removed. So if you do not want to see a mountain of links, simply delete this message. After 2 weeks, I will come back and check.

alex mclean

makes my pee smell atrocious!


Jody, my roommate is very much the same as you - in fact, my DVR is currently loaded full of "Survivorman" episodes thanks to him... :)


i've never noticed this after eating asparagus! *good thing!*

Aaron Ivey

YES!!!!! i'm one of the chosen elite!!!


Ah, I go into the caffeteria at work today and find asperagus on the menu. Yummy!


Whoa creepy, my boyfriend and I were talking about this just this week! How random. I'd never heard of this phenom, probably because I don't really 'do' asparagus.
((And yes, we do have weird topics of conversation, thanks to all you who were asking. haha))


Alan, if you desire some reading containing tales of urine drinking, check out "Skeletons on the Zahara" by Dean King. It's a tale of American sailors shipwrecked in Africa and captured by Sahrawi Arabs.

Also, "Surviorman" is a better show as Les Stroud is out there by himself unlike the other show where the guy has a crew with him and has a tendency to stay in hotels at night.


Alan, thanks - I think! - for chiming in. I knew that guy was crazy (my roommate talks about the show a lot) but I hadn't heard that yet. But I guess you're right - anything to stay alive for the next episode, I always say... ;)

Nancy, I've honestly been meaning to blog about this for a while. Every time I eat asparagus I think, "I need to blog about this!" and I just finally got around to it. Just checking things off my to-blog list!


was it a slow day at work? : )


I know there can be different variations in the color of urine after eating certain things, but in all honesty I've never really paid that much attention to the difference in scent. It has always smelled bad to me.

Until I watched a show on The Discovery Channel called "Man vs. Wild", I never knew fresh urine could actually be good for you because of all the nutrients in it. The key word there being "fresh". The guy on this show actually drank his own on cable TV. I guess if you're trying to survive, you'll try just about anything.


I also hear that different people have genetic traits that make them perceive B.O. differently. Some people smell it and find it unpleasant. Some find the odor tolerable. Some cannot even smell it. It seems the same it true for skunk smell, as well.

Imagine that: some people actually find the smell of a skunk enjoyable!

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