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September 10, 2007



I must be old. I didn't get that at all. LOL But from the other comments, Second Life is some sort of online community/game or something? I'm out of the loop on that one. LOL


what the. . . ?!


It really is it's own beast (Second Life). It takes a long time to really get the hang of it. I tried a few months ago for about a week (only made a couple of attempts) because there was a lot of buzz about the bands that were doing "live" shows, etc. I just gave up - didn't feel like spending MORE time on the computer than I already am. Plus, with the amount of travel that I do, I need to focus on the relationships in my FIRST life before I even think about a second one!


*Do they take virtual checks as payment?*

Some people spend all of their spare time on this Second Life thing. Unfortunately, at the expense of the actual life. [We know (of) one such person.] I just can't understand it... At all.


I've never really ventured into Second Life. I know that they do concerts and sell real (well, virtual) estate and all kinds of stuff there. Very interesting.


To me, this is just absolutely unfathomable. I just don't understand the attraction to this, at all.

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