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September 13, 2007


Holly Ross

Wow, great post Jer! Thanks!!!

alex mclean

Hey bro, thanks for the kind words over on betterthanblank - I added ya and will be reading.


I think the creeping socialism that is gradually taking over America has narrowed our focus.

We have no survival instincts because we've never needed them in our lifetimes. There are government programs to feed us and house us if we can't take care of ourselves. We expect the government to not only take care of our kids, our injured, and our elderly, but to regulate what types of grocery bags we can use and how many feet apart our houses should be.

We've lost our responsibility for ourselves. So when we have nothing to be responsible for, we become dependent on the government. And when we don't have to worry about our essential needs to live, our perspective is greatly narrowed and things that are not of great (and certainly not of eternal) consequence become a great focus.

I'm not sure if I got it all out here like it is in my head, but hopefully I got my general idea across.

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