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September 15, 2007



My heart breaks for her. I would imagine that Jesus' response (had he been in the audience) would have been to gaze at her with tears in his eyes as he expresses to her how much he loves her.


One other thing to note... Knotted panties are not comfortable. Keep 'em straight, people! :)


Great comments, everyone! Kat, I just had an experience yesterday that illustrates your point once again. I was given more access - MUCH more! - than I should have been on a certain website, and instead of perusing through all the valuable information at my disposal I reported it to the appropriate people and had them fix it. One of the ladies commented about how she was so thankful one of their Christian clients was the honest one, and a co-worker of hers responded, "Well, you can't expect that just because he's a Christian". A sad commentary on how Christians are perceived as a whole. I guess all we can do is work on changing that one cynical person at a time... including Kathy Griffin.

S Wright

Agreed- devasatingly sad to see someone so lost. Makes me wonder what will happen to her in the near future. This sort of behavior is often a preface of something dramatic to come-I pray it is for the good.

Never will you see such a person in the US speak about the spritual leader of Islam or Eastern religions this way. It is clear who is a stumbling block for these unbelievers


Honestly, it doesn't offend me. It surprised me, but it didn't offend me. She's not a Christian, why should I expect her to say nice Christian things?

It makes me sad for her. There's a God who loves her desperately, but all she sees are rude believers who feel their God needs to be defended.

Just my 2 cents...


well, hmmm. . . i hate to play devil's advocate here, but so many often seem to thank God and Jesus for their awards and people have gotten so used to hearing that, i'm not sure they think its genuine? world of cynics? not to mention that some comedians will say anything for a laugh or cross any line just because its there.


It's been interesting to me reading some of the comments on various news blogs and such regarding this whole thing. Even if I were able to detach myself from my faith and look at this from the outside, I would have to agree with Paul - this would be a completely different story if Mohammed had been the one mentioned (in fact, there is a story going on right now about a Swedish cartoonist who has a $100,000 bounty on his head from the Muslim community because of a cartoon he drew depicting Mohammed's head on a dog's body - read the story here).

At the same time, it kind of saddens me to read the various comments from the "Christians" who have gotten their panties in a knot and are pulling out all the "you're going to hell" jargon - it's like we think Jesus needs our help in defending himself! Here's a question: when in Scripture do we EVER see Christ defend himself? Whatever happened to "turn the other cheek"?


Well, I can't say what the flesh wants me to say because it would be very un-Christianlike of me. I just pray that before its to late she'll give her life to the Lord. Kinda seems a little far fetched that she would considering what she said and from what I've heard and seen from her in the past, but the Lord can do all things.


I agree with Bill and Paul. She'd better hope that god will get her past the next year in show business, because that's about all the power it's got.

On a side note, I've always found her abrasive. :|


All I can say is that "EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" someday. Kathy may have to stock up on her 2,000,000 SPF tanning solution if that is the attitude she takes to her grave.

Paul J.

I read about this on the news. It's even more sickening seeing it.
I try not to get all political...but can you imagine someone saying this about Mohammed? They would be absolutely torn up. But THAT'S funny! :(

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