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September 07, 2007



Yea, I agree, Jeremy. Things change so quickly and prices usually do drop, especially on new items. Higher prices are the consequence of having to buy now.

I didn't realize they were that expensive, though. Wow!!

Aaron Ivey

yeah, im with you dude. way too quick to change the price! seems like a kick in the teeth to everyone (i didnt) who bought one already!


Hey Paul - good thought. I wouldn't be surprised if he had it planned all along either. But even so - I'd say it's a pretty brilliant move, wouldn't you?

Paul J.

I'm cynical enough to think that he planned it all along. There's no way they could drop the price 200 bucks and think everyone would be okay with it. Now he gets to look like a kind and considerate CEO.


There was a lot of discontent over the talk radio waves here in CA. The iPhone earned the name iSuck. But today, thanks to the announcement, Apple is back on the good list.

But if you have an iPhone, the gadget to end all gadgets, on what do you spend the $100 credit?


Oh, I definitely noticed that, Joanne! Smooth indeed...

Joanne Brokaw

What do I think? I think that's why I never jump on the techological bandwagon. Not only am I a total technosaurus, but as soon as I buy something it goes on clearance for 75% off. But that's a smart move on Jobs part to offer a rebate. (Notice he didn't offer a cash refund but a credit to spend more money on Apple products. Smooth. :)

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