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October 02, 2007


Jon Lloyd

I follow...

Green Bay Packers
Purdue Boilermakers
Phoenix Suns
New York Yankees
Vince Young

I figured I might as well throw basketball in there since it's right around the corner.


Baseball is my sport. I live and die with the Braves. I've laid in bed at night after a loss thinking of things they could have done to pull out a win.

On the football side, I am a Tennessee fan. While I do yell at the tv when they are playing poorly, a loss doesn't really effect me that much. On the NFL side, I love them Broncos, always have. I'm hoping to get to Denver eventually and see a game at Mile High. Like with UT, a loss just aggravates me.

As for hockey....GO FLAMES! Stanley Cup here we come! Definitely going to see them when they come to Nashville.


Over the past couple of years I've followed hockey a little more each year. I've become a fan of Colorado and Nashville, who actually play one another this Thursday. Big Paul Kariya fan so I hate that he left for the Blues, but I guess that's the business.

As for football, on the NFL side of things I'm a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, and on the college side I'm a Florida Gators fan. Currently living in Mississippi right now the big story around here is obviously Brett Favre,who's from MS, breaking the TD record and the struggles of the New Orleans Saints. Don't get much news about my Gators around here, but my son and I got to go see them live in action when they played Ole Miss in Oxford, MS a couple of weeks ago. That was cool.

Also with football season comes all the fantasy football stuff which is also fun if you have the time to play and keep up with it. It makes you pay more attention to the games from week to week in both college and pro, but it can be a little over bearing.

I enjoy football, but I'm not one of those fans to where if my team loses, I go into depression for a week. It's a game. You can't win them all and theres always another game next week during the season. There are more important things in life than my team losing, or winning for that matter.

Sorry for the dissertation.


You like In -N- Out? I feel so sorry for you. (Yes, I realize I am one of the few who hates them.)

I'm not a sports person, really don't follow any sport. I only care if I am playing.

Having said that, I have felt like sitting down and watching some football this year. Not sure why. Haven't had the time to, either, so we'll see if it really happens or not.

PS, enjoyed the show Friday night.

Paul J.

My team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With the Falcons and the Saints in the basement, and the Panthers losing their QB, suddenly the Bucs are in first place in the NFC South.
Sadly, this past Sunday we lost "Cadillac" Williams for the season with a really bad knee injury.

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