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January 14, 2008



Congrats... I was 14 seconds behind you. Had a blast!!!


I just read a blog post saying that synthetic wool and not cotton is the secret to keeping feet dry.

It's part of a much longer post, but thought I'd pass it along.


Well, finishing is probably far better than what I could have done.

I don't have any helpful hints about the "dry shoes" issue, not really being a runner. I do know that the humidity can make a huge difference!

Here's to the future. :)


You make running a marathon sound like so much fun!


Well done man. Props to you. And maybe for your feet, try wearing double pairs of socks. And you could also try getting like wrist sweat bands and placing then right above your shoes. Im not sure how much it would help, but I was just thinking. Thanks for the posts!


Well, good job anyway! You ran, and you learned a lot from it. And either way you put most of us to shame. :) Just walking around in Orlando could make many people sweaty and tired. :)


You say, "Well, I finished. That's about the only thing I can say about my race. . ." as if that were something unimpressive. You FINISHED. A MARATHON. With blisters on your feet. That's amazing. Congratulations!!


Congrats on finishing. That's still huge in my book.

And reading all your posts about running make me wish my leg weren't still bothering me. I guess I'm going to have to give up and go see a doctor about it.


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