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January 30, 2008



Well, the car hasn't sold yet, but I'm not too concerned. We're not in a HUGE hurry yet, which is a nice luxury. I did have a couple of people interested in it that same day. Thanks for the stories Holly and Laura - anyone else with some crazy Craigslist stories?


Hey I've been working on doing a "garage sale" via Craigslist and eBay lately! I just sold a futon mattress on there last week, but the craziest situation so far is this: We had tons of great HUGE pieces of Styrofoam left over after unpacking the nursery furniture last week. I felt like SOMEONE could use it somewhere, so I posted it on the local "freecycle" email list, but didn't get any bites. Next I posted it in the "free" section of Craigslist and immediately got 2 responses... The lady who came to get it was SOOO excited because her son is part of a school group building a massive dinosaur and she had gone to Google to type in "large pieces of styrofoam" and found my listing (just hours after I posted it)! Not only that, she had emailed friends and family with the same request and one of them wrote her back and said, "There's a listing for that on Craigslist!" and she said, "I know, I'm going to pick it up this afternoon!!"


I too am a firm believer in Cragslist. My best friend needed to sell almost half of her furniture. Within minutes of posting we had so many calls. All of the furniture was sold in a week. I was shocked at how fast it sold.


The classifieds were popular in newspapers for a reason, and Craigslist just multiplies the ease of use and reach exponentially.

My first car was an integra (a 1990 though)... Now we drive sensible 4-doors. :) Hope you can sell yours soon!

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