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January 31, 2008



Looking back, I think it was like five minutes, but that is still quite fast. Helps that I have your blog and twitter feeds on my iGoogle page, and that's the first page I see when I go online in the morning.


"Meth of the blog world"... I like that, Stephen! Yeah, it's definitely one of those things you have to keep a handle on - just like blogging! Thanks for the link love.

Stephen H.

PS - you're linked!

Stephen H.

Twitter is awesome, but it scares me a bit. Ultra's sort of the Meth of the blog world.


Geez, Carla - you scared me this morning for some reason when I saw your comment. If I did my math right, you left your comment about 2 minutes after I did that Twitter post from my phone... Even I was shocked for a second at how quickly this all works and people can respond! This will be interesting... Have a safe move - sorry I won't be able to help! :)


Ok, we could use some help packing and moving. Could you swing by California on your way to Louisiana? ;)

And yes, I'd wanna hear about WiFi in your car. Interesting. So is this Twitter thing... Interesting.

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