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February 20, 2008



Ben Steine's views on science are simply dump and uninformed? Science entails a rigorous search for repeatable experiments that prove something about how the universe works. It is not a search for ultimate meaning or debate about what would be nice if it were true. Some scientists believe that the laws of the universe are themselves a wonderful reality. The do not however move away from the scientific method - observation, research, test and experiment, leading to theories that provide the basis for predictions that may be tested by others for validity.

Holly Ross

I posted about this movie on my Facebook account back in January... I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes out. Just now though, I ran across a few links about it from a negative viewpoint. Since I haven't seen it yet, I can't really comment on them, but I was curious to hear what you think, Jeremy. Here they are:

- holly


I'll keep you in the loop as far as where/when this movie will be showing. The producers just contacted me the other day, so we'll see what we can put together as a grassroots deal. In the meantime, help get the word out!

Dawna Bankert

This looks like a good movie, I hope it comes to Calgary! I love Lee Strobel and this looks like a movie version of one of his books; except now there are the antagonists as well.

PS Thought it was so cool that Strobel quoted Downhere in The Real Jesus. :)

Emma Jean

Hey Jeremy!

My dad got to see a screening of that movie! He loved it!

Both my dad and Matthew got to meet Ben Stine at the Crystal Cathedral when my dad was speaking there!! Matthew said he was very nice! :)

Miss you guys!!

Emma Jean

Bruce Stillwagon

Jer- have you heard how many theaters will be carrying the movie? Looks like a conservative Michael Moore movie.

Guess it won't win any awards.

I've always loved Ben Stein. He is great on the FoxNews stock market shows.

He is a great American.

May be in Atlanta to see you guys.

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