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February 12, 2008



He is beautiful. I think he is from Texas.


Well, Glenn, I was really killing two birds with one stone: I was on my trainer riding my bike while watching the dog show. And DVR is wonderful...

Paul J.

Beagles rule.

Glenn Lavender

How bored are you??


Jeremy, I'm in Europe right now and will look forward to talking with you when I return next week and we can chat Triathlon, faith, etc.

I realize cre:ate is a small network but still difficult to get around to everyone! It was my second year and I was spending half my time reconnecting with the new friends I made the year before.

In the mean time I'm gonna peruse your blog and if you want to on mine find the link that takes you to my tri-page and you can read previous Ironman race reports.

blessings, we'll talk soon.

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