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February 26, 2008


Jeff Arnold

And that is exactly how I feel today after my 20 miler. Thats awesome.


saw this on Spence's site and laughed out loud... I remember my first marathon trying to follow my wife up a set of stairs in a parking garage. I refused to go any further after about 5 steps and made her bring the car down. But the guy with the damaged shirt is what kills me!


HILARIOUS!!! I haven't run marathons, but i certainly get it! Rob's doing that today, cuz he worked out for the first time in ages and oh, that lactic acid. .


Oh my. I can only relate because of the time I ran (/slowly jogged) a bit more than three miles.. The only time I ran more than about a quarter mile without stopping in my life. Don't go wade into a lake after that! I definitely was offered help when I was putting on my socks after that.. oh man..

ally simpson

HAHA i have not ran a marathon BUT thats a great video.
Man check out my latest blog post, id love to hear your thoughts

hope you guys are well


Aww, such fond memories. I can't wait to barely be able to walk again. It was worth it. Thank God I never had the problems the guy at the end did.

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