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February 12, 2008



Yes, it always nice when the 'married ones' remember their single days. ;)
For some more single girl thoughts check out the link.


Impartial judge that I am, I like what that friend of yours has to say! ;-)

Thanks for remembering what it's like to be single and for taking the time to communicate your thoughts. It's so appreciated!


Ahhh!!! I hadn't even thought about Valentine's Day till I read this Jer! I'm heading up north with friends for the weekend, so I shouldn't have any trouble forgetting that this is my first V-Day on my own in oh...12 years!!! Whatever! It's all commercialism anyway! ;-)


Hey Mark! Thanks for being brave and posting... It boggles my mind to think that people would go out of their way to point out someone else's singleness. Don't they remember being there? Geez... hang in there, my friend!


Yes, being single on Valentine's Day hurts. But the comments, well meaning or otherwise (and I am convinced some of them are otherwise) from people who go out of their way to point out you are single are what really hurt.

Either way, this is a very good reminder for the week ahead.


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