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February 19, 2008



LOL! My sister is worse than that. She was on the witness stand in a court case in one of her sleeptalking episodes. No joke.

Miss Maria D

Wow, it definately took me like approximately two-three reads to realize that it was you sleeptalking. Whoops hahah this is hilarious, once on a high school trip to NY I was sleep talking in the hotel bed and I said ''Who's in the bed????" just very curiously at like ohh i dunno 6 am and my friend Alexandra said that she stared at me (sleeping me) and was like

the end haha


I believe that you would think nearly anything would be ok, as long as ice cream could be had. :) Thanks for the first morning laugh. :)


That is a GREAT sleeptalking/sleepwalking story, Melanie! I know Erin has many more stories of things I've said in the middle of the night... it would definitely be an entertaining book for me anyway!


LOL, the things people say and do in their sleep. I bet that could make a rather humorous book.

I don't talk in my sleep once, but in high school I was reported to have said, "Kenny you pig." Kenny broke up with me.

And then my sister went outside to play house in her sleep at 2 a.m. once. When she came back in I thought some mass murderer was breaking into the house. But it was just my sister. Playing house, in her sleep, in the middle of the night.

Fun stuff.

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