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March 26, 2008



I'm totally with you, Tahni! That cracked me up...


A couple of friends and I started a tradition with this show...every Thursday we gather at one of our homes, cook dinner together, eat, and watch Celebrity Apprentice. We're all pulling for Trace!!


What you see of Trace on TV is the same way he is in real life and I'm thrilled that he's gaining so many new fans through this career adventure. And if you do a little more research you'll find several of his songs and videos that are very appropriate for any member of your family. Especially his latest single out now...that he'll be singing live on the finale show! It will pull at your heart strings for sure.


I hope Trace takes this - but even if he doesnt - which I think he will - he will be the first one to say that at least he played the whole thing with respect and dignity - something that Piers really can't say. He THINKS he is respectful and has dignity but he is a legend in his own mind. Anyone that arrogant deserves to be taken down :)


I have appreciated Trace's self control. My favorite clip this season was when Steven called himself crazy - "Crazy for Jesus."


Yeah, go Trace! Piers gets on my nerves. I enjoyed this installment of the Apprentice, it was interesting. Even if I didn't know many of the celebrities. ;)


Hey JT,
I'm right there with you man, go Trace. I have too enjoyed the way he has carried himself as a person on the show. My wife and I are certainly pulling for his team. How about some of those "celebrities" though? Their perception about themselves isn't really reality.


Yeah I've watched every episode. I agree with you that Trace has been fun to watch with his laid back attitude. Stephen hasn't bothered me too much, but I have to side with Piers on their fiasco. Stephen wasn't right to call him a hypocrite. It saddens me a little to say I'm rooting for Piers. He is an incredible businessman. He comes off as hardnosed and crass but nobody has performed and led better than him.

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