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March 08, 2008



Okay, you jokers you... I did the 20mi on the treadmill and it went great. At that time in the morning I was too concerned about Nashville drivers slipping around the ice and footing on the road/sidewalk. Because there aren't very many sidewalks in my area I would have spent most of my time on the road which I was not looking forward to. It was more important to me that I got the distance in than do it outside and potentially slip and hurt myself. So there! :)


I tried to go to the gym this morning for my run...but the parking lot wasn't even ploughed, so I couldn't even get in!!! I'm ready for this winter to END!!!


c'mon ya girl :) haha... thats tshirt and flipflops weather here! Strap up, and go run outside. It's probably melting as soon as it hits concrete anyway... :)


Good point Glenn.


Maybe we should send him pictures of the snow we're getting up here this weekend!

Glenn Lavender

Aren't you from northern British Columbia up near Alaska??? Running in this small amount of snow should be no problem!

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