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March 25, 2008



With all the movies I watch, I hardly rent anything. Either I see it in the theater or when it shows up on TV (and I don't have HBO, etc.) I own so many movies that I normally just watch something I've bought. I have, recently, borrowed a few from the library. The problem is most of theirs are still on VHS.


Emma Jean

Hey Jeremy! We've known you guys for a year exactly now!! Isn't that cool? :) Hope you guys are doing well!

Emma Jean


My wife and I are Netflix members, mainly because of all the late fees with rental stores. The advantage I think they have over Blockbuster is the "Watch Now" feature, where you can watch some movies instantly on your laptop (or TV, with an s-video or VGA connection). Granted, not many of these "instant" movies are new releases, but it is still a pretty cool feature. I think Redbox is an interesting concept as well (the ones out front of McDonald's that look like a Coke machine at first glance). 1 dollar per night rentals is pretty good..Of course, I have forgotten to bring them back in time as well, in which case your debit card is charged $1 per day late...

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