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May 22, 2008



Welcome back!


Jeremy - nice shirt!!

The Secret Life of Kat

Welcome back!


Don't worry...still reading. Hey, got to listen to the new tracks for the new album. Great stuff once again! Thoughtful, intelligent music with lyrics that are unashamedly biblically driven. This is a rarity in Christian music today! Thank you!

anne jackson

i'm here!


WOOHOO Jer is back :)

I hear you in the not enough time to do things. Whenever I think I have it rough with all of my hours I remember my old college friends in downhere. What you guys pull off is amazing.


Woo! Jeremy is back! :-)
I think those sunburned cheeks on Erin aren't really sunburned? I think it's the light in the garage.

Miss Maria D

aww erin looks so sunburned =( poor sunburned cheeks

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