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May 29, 2008




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I also recently got blackberry curve myself too. I'm glad to see mobile Typepad blog is working for you.. it isn't for me. :(

Picture looks great!! It would be nice to do that now! It's raining pretty good here.


What is that rectangular body of water? I'm a Washingtonian. I think I may have seen something like that in a magazine before. :-P

Enjoy the sun for me!


Yes it is - if you haven't been by yet, you need to go check it out. It's great! We don't have a community pool, so we've waited a long time for this - and we're definitely taking advantage of it!


Is that the new rec center pool?


That looks glorious! Sunshine and swimming in the pool is my absolute favorite. I've been doing it all week and plan to do it all summer long to get back into shape since it's too hot in Florida to run.

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