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May 30, 2008



i love the buffalo for the baby Jesus.. dreams are so intriguing and entertaining!!


At least you were trying to keep the baby Jesus safe. ;-) I'm glad I read this before going to work, it will give me something to giggle about for the rest of the day.

Holly Ross

LOL! Those are great ones!!! Erin, you ARE keeping track of all of these "sleep sayings", right? Maybe someday we can combine our lists of funny things our husbands say in their sleep and write a book! :-)


And I thought I had weird dreams!

The Secret Life of Kat

That's hilarious!! A buffalo??!

Incidentally, I'm typing this on my palm centro. Let's hear it for smartphones...

ally simpson

I told cherith once that her brother needed a good kick in the balls in my sleep once!!!


That has got to be one of the funniest things ever! I used to be known for some pretty intense sleep walking adventures. I actually fell through a glass table once, broke it, and never woke up! No scratches or bruises. Nothing! I've been known for moaning or mumbling in my sleep too. Nothing ever comes out of it though.

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