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June 27, 2008


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I've seen their first concert, and i know they reach far.

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Just exhibits that writing via encounter brings so a lot of depth and relevance to ones readers. Thank you for sharing.

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I shared this song this weekend at a prison retreat. Our theme was "Here I Am, Lord" with the traditional church song as our theme, and I played this after an activity I planned. The guys loved it and it really played an important part in the ministry this weekend.
Thank you!


Hey! I just wanted to share this song I heard on my way to Nashville Tuesday. I've never heard it before. They have an awesome Christian radio station there. Hope you like it!

Kelley Berry

thank you soooo much for this song!
I feel like this song was written for me and "my story"
I found myself pregnant and unmarried 10 years ago. I was only 20 years old. I knew the Lord had a plan for me. I never knew the Lord would use me. I have now been married 10 years and have been voluntering at a crisis pregnancy center to cousel others going through what I faced years ago. Some how my story was a part of HIS PLAN! and I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks!

Marisa Gary

Thank you for this song.


Two months ago we found out that my husband will be deployed to Bagdad for a year. This song ministered to me in a broken-hearted moment a few weeks ago. It felt like God was telling me that this deployment is truly part of His plan. I asked my worship team if they would cover this song in our worship service on my husband's last Sunday home. They're doing their best rendition this coming Sunday. I thank God for this song, and thank God for your ministry. You guys rock!!

Jay Graham

This is worship, stripped down, bare soul, crying out to God worship and adoration. The power of the Spirit is and was definately upon you in the writing and performing of this wonderful song.


Sometimes you here a song that stops you in your tracks, makes you say "SHH!!", just so you can listen better..and then it just hits home. This is one of those songs! I want to tell you that I would like to use this song when I make my daughters adoption video from just suites. What a wonderful message, thanks!
Blessings to you and yours,

Tricia H.

What a beautiful and powerful song! That song really sums up our lives and what it's all about. God Bless you and may you continue to do God's work so abundantly and touch lives so deeply! Thanks for touching me!


I love the song too..great melody and lyrics..but watch those Here I YAM as opposed to Here I AM..words..just some constructive critisim from a singer..Love You..Ellen C.

Tyler Gjeltema

I love this song it inspired me so much. when i had my knee injury playing football. i was thinking gods got a plan for me and the first song i heard i after i hurt me knee was this song it was amazing


I absolutely love this song... I heard it this morning on my way to work, and it stuck with me all day long. I had to find it when I got home from work and listen to it again. I pray God blesses you, your band, and all your songs sang for the glory of our Lord Jesus.



Bonnie Kreutter

Incredible song!!! Can't wait for the album. The words to this song speak directly to my heart. Thank you!

Shawn Mckenzie

I have been mesmerized and often found myself to harmonize with downhere.This one I recently heard at work i didnt realize who it was yet fell in love with it and then when I realized it it amazed me.


Ok...I just heard this song and missed the was driving me crazy....I finally found it..and I just want to let you guys know that this song is a picture of what God has been piecing together for me..Last week I came home from Uganda...where I was able to visit Gulu (Northern Uganda) where many children have escaped from being child soldiers and relocated. I've known for a long time that I am to spend a year in Africa but have been praying for the right place....Over my trip I had been journaling...and God has been giving me some key words to hold on to as I come home to Canada and work to make money to go back in July 2009. I will be teaching k-8 and working with the teenagers who are living in hopelessness....counseling and whatever else God places on my heart. As soon as I heard this song playing....and as each of the words came up it was like confirmation (I've been asking God for more and more....just to be know how that is.) So thankyou for being obedient to the calling on your life...because this song is now a part of mine and one that will be resonating in the back of my head...when it feels like I'm never going to get to the place...this will be a long year...k. I think I've taken up enough space.Just wanted to encourage you...and let you know that God is using your song to confirm a calling He has placed on my life.


I, too, heard this song on KLTY in Dallas, which is notorious for NOT announcing titles or artists. It's been driving me crazy trying to find this fantastic song. Many, many thanks in helping me locate it!


I heard this song on Sirius Radio and fell in love! It is now my myspace song. :0) Thanks for encouraging me through your gift and encouraging the hearts of many others to draw close to Jesus. May He richly bless each one of you! God bless!


I heard the song on KLTY (dallas) las Thurs. and loved it but didn't get the title etc. I just heard it again.
I will be posting about it and recommending the album.
Great job. Looking forward to the rest.


Wow - wonderful song. Music sometimes moves me to tears and this song definately did that. Thank you.


thanks so much for posting this song. i heard it a few times on the radio and wanted to listen closer and see the words. so when I searched for the lyrics, i found this! May God richly bless you guys as you proclaim his message in song!


Thank you so much for the song. I just heard it on the radio, and it really touched me. I can not thank you and Downhere as a whole for following God's call to make music. I have been a fan since the first CD "Downhere", and even went to a concert in Las Vegas, NV you guys did at a church back when the album first came out. Your music has been a constant in my life, connecting me to God, even through struggles, and reminding me of who He is when I was away from Him. It has continued to be my favorite music for almost 7 years now, and a real belssing in my life. I am sure I am not the only one who is blessed by the music, so please continue to follow the call of God in your guys' lives!
-Kristina, in Tampa, Florida

Borge (Norway)

Thank you for this great song! I played it in my Bible study group, and while listening to the song a member of the group got a message/calling that she will follow. Exciting!

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the single (mp3 or CD) anywhere on the net? Or do I have to wait for the full CD?)

Anonymous Visitor

There is no shame when plugging DOWNHERE, Jeremy!


Love the new song. Gave me chills.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for checking out my blog. So cool of you, really.

I'm a huge fan. I tell everyone I know about your music. It's very powerful and uplifting.
God Bless!


Hmmmm. Great song! Timely - as many of downhere's songs are. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! Great song. Thanks for giving us a listen and the lyrics. I have put in a request to HisRadio here in South Carolina to play it.

Can't wait for the new album.

Great job,


Man, now I really can't wait for the CD.



Awesome! I can't wait to hear it on the radio.

Sara (Thiessen) Ens

Loved the song Jeremy, sounds awesome and great lyrics. Hope it does well on the charts. Can't wait to get the CD!

Bruce Stillwagon

My family and I prayed last night and I prayed this morning many stations make room for this dynamic, moving and meaningful song. Glad I got to hear it live last weekend. You guys are the best.


I love this song! I can't wait to start hearing it on my local radio station. :)


Love it, Jeremy! Thanks for making it available on your blog.

Sarah Potts

I'm VERY excited about this! I'm posting a video of the song (from Atlanta Fest) on YouTube!

I'm praying it does well too! Let us know (perhaps on the board) what we can do to help out (if we can)!

Thanks =)

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