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June 21, 2008


stephen thiessen


that is disgusting, that shirt business. This is why I only play on your team whenever there are contact sports involved now. good times, those shirts and skins in the backyard. yikes.


Brad, I'm glad you got a kick out of that shirt. It's the only one of it's kind I've got left in my closet - it STILL makes a great gym/work in the yard shirt (although I'm sure Erin would prefer it got lost in my closet forever at this point)... Good times!


Nice shirt Jeremy.
I'd also take a good rootbeer over any other kind of beer ANY day.


I can't wait to have my own house for which to make compost and in which to plant. Nice work!


We have a compost in our backyard. But we didn't build it ourselves. It's in a compost bin. It's starting to get pretty full now though. and rootbeer is one of my favorite drinks ever!!


I KNEW this would be the first question! :) His first choice is Henry Weinhard's root beer - normally a Northwestern beer company, they started making root beer during the Prohibition and it's stuck around. I'll admit - it's pretty good too. I guess I'd have to taste them one after the other to really pick a favorite...


I'm curious... what's Glen's pick for #1?

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