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June 02, 2008



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Another drama nothing more...

puma speed cat

Great project, and it seems like it had great results.


I hate to imagine the changes that will be presented shortly, we have seen 3D movies in HD, BlueRay and want to see who will come after this I'm anxious.

Karen Drummond

My husband and I went to see the movie Saturday. We saw facing the giant so we knew fireproof would be a movie to see. We had no idea this movie would be as amazing as it is. When you go to see this movie be prayerful because it opens a door for ministry. There are people going to see this movie because they here that this movie can help marriages. If you see a man or women sitting in the movies alone, stay around after the movie and ask them if they would like you pray with them. Souls have been saved because of this movie. Praise God!!

Saph @ Walk With Me

Just saw it this past Saturday! I blogged about it, too, to help spread the word. We're going to see it again. :)

Michael Whennen

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I am so excited for this movie. I love the movie "Facing the Giants." I know this one is going to be better. It is my prayer that marriages will be changed because of this movie. Watching the preview even gets me a little choaked up.

Sara Harper

Thanks for letting us know! I am excited about seeing it in september. Sherwood is an hour from where I grew up so I've been there a few times a know a few members. Did you see the first one, Flywheel? It came out before Facing the Giants! Keeping in mind it is all your average Sherwood goers with NO acting experience-you should find it and watch it too!
Hope to see you soon! : )

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