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October 31, 2008



Redistribution is a bad thing? I guess I need to stop giving to charity and church and every other group of people that aren't doing as well as I am. It is kind of sad that the vast majority of all wealth in this country is amongst a very small group of individuals and that they don't automatically have the hearts enough to give to others. Greed works that way though. We don't want to give by sinful human nature. We work hard for these earthly things so lets not share. Let's shut down our food outreach programs and the help to other countries and the poor of our own or even the not so poor that find themselves in a horrible financial situation due to the current economic times. Greed is better seems to be the Republican mantra as it's funded mostly by utilities and big corporate America. Trickle down economics doesn't work. Undoing the last 8 years of cutting taxes on the wealthiest of America hasn't resulted in a better economic climate.

Funny comic anyway.

Seems we could all focus more of our time on things not of this earth for the better of mankind. Too much of life is about something so ultimately useless as financial wealth.


awesome post!

Ken P.

It's been over four years since I saw downhere and keep hoping they come back to Connecticut. But I still buy the music. I just got "Ending Is Beginning" from CBD. I downloaded "Thunder After Lightning" from itunes but I miss the info on the CD packaging. Regarding the cartoon, as a registered Democrat for over 37 years, I thought it funny but hauntingly true and was reminded of 2 Thessalonians 3:10 "If a man will not work, he shall not eat."


So funny, so true! Thanks for posting this, it's hilarious.


I recently met you and your bandmates at a concert in Malvern, Arkansas. I want you to know how blessed I feel to have been introduced to your music. It has touched my life in a huge way and I've become a fan. Keep it up. Downhere is such a talented band in so many ways and you are truly doing God's work. Please don't let one person's insensitive comments discourage you. Much love and prayer to you and your family.


Just imagine if everyone who liked Bush over the years and Palin more recently reacted that harshly to every negative SNL skit, Jibjab cartoon, and the numerous other political slams against the two of them. It would be chaos because there's been so much of it! I agree that self-assured people are able to take a joke, even if it's not in their favor, and see the humor in it. I thought the SNL skits about Palin were hilarious and I'm a huge Palin fan! Take heart Jer... you're not the first person I've seen to post this cartoon, and Dan wasn't the first liberal that got himself upset over it.


Wow. I am not sure why he was so offended. But he was, and I am sorry he took it so hard. We can't lose our ability to laugh at both sides.

As far as his hateful comments about you, those seemed to carry more hatred than the cartoon. Not sure I understand his logic of lashing out because he didn't think the cartoon was funny.

The intolerance to laugh at both sides always amazes me.


my my my you've ruffled some feathers


Dan, I'm sure Jeremy isn't hurt by your asinine comments. You see he's a lot stronger then your insulting words, which were made to obviously insult him and his bands endless talents. So seeing how I'm not as nice as Jeremy why don't you go grab your Obama picket sign and go march with your cronies pukes. And if you're ever in Montana come visit THIS right-wing troll.

Amy Halleran (@beyondJEMS)

you gotta wonder if Dan watches SNL and laughs at the Sarah Palin skits or the drunk 'W' skits over the years.


Too bad I can't e-mail Dan ~ little sense of humor goes a long way. As often is the case, those who respond as he did show their own intolerance. I sent it to people I know on both sides and they ALL found it funny. I'm sorry you would lose a fan over something meant to just be fun.

WE still love you and can't wait till FRIDAY!!!

Paul J

Wow. "Right wing troll". That's a new one.


If you will notice, in the text of the cartoon, there is a lowercase "d" on the word "democrat." There is a difference between "Democrat" and "democrat." The former is one of our two dominating political parties. The latter is completely different. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, "democrat" means "an adherent of democracy" or "one who practices social equality." I don't know for sure what the cartoonist's intentions were, but to me that definition seems to fit the situation being portrayed, and it's not a personal attack against any single person nor any political parties.

Rosemarie Ebertz

Cherylyn showed me this post and Dan's comment to you. I see the humor in your post and I just want to encourage you to not take Dan's negative comments to heart. I know your heart is in the right place and this is not likely to alienate fans who know and love the heart you have for God. Not many people are going to see things the way he does and it is sad to see people so quick to discourage others so openly just because he misconstrued your intentions and was personally insulted. As for your music and talent as a band, it is among the most edifying and uplifting music to be heard. I hope the words of Dan and any other negative comments you receive will not influence the way you view the impact you have on others through God and your music.

Rosemarie Ebertz


PS Roberta - Democrats and Republicans can be equally intolerant and humorless. Turns out we're all human...


Yikes. Somebody doesn't have a sense of humor. Guess there are such things as "christian" trolls too. I think the SNL skits have been hilarious, but I still like Sarah Palin.

Roberta Bowen

Dear Dan - you are but another example of the intolerant and humorless people that call themselves democrates. Most self assured people are able chuckle at things that are truly funny, regardless of party lines.

Hang in there Jeremy, your success does not hinge on Dan, but on God's favor.


Well, I'll be unsubscribing from your RSS feed, you dishonest creep.

I hope you don't mind that you're alienating many of your fans. I certainly won't recommend your music again knowing that you'd spread something this stupid.

...and no, I won't be recommending less talented bands instead, you right-wing troll - I listen to plenty of artists better than you, and I'll plug them on their merits instead.

Go ahead, though, keep posting insults - nothing shows the world how great Christians are like openly mocking large amounts of people. It might look like just one cartoon, but affirming the right-wing crazies sabotaging Christian pop culture is a dangerous thing.

You've completely lost my respect. Not that that matters to you, apparently you think Democrats are thieves (which is a disgusting thing to suggest at time like this).

Chris Unthank



Its funny because its true.


Absolutely hilarious! :)



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