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October 09, 2008


Emma Jean

My birthday's December 23rd! I would love to share my birthday with Baby Rockstar!! :)

Barb Martel

Congratulations Jeremy and Erin....we're praying for a healthy bouncing baby boy!I was born on the 24/12....but hey...there are worse things than we were married on the 21st(not TOO bright back then), so I get all my parties over with in one month(groan).Michel doesn't mind least he can'T forget any of them that way!xxoo

Miss Maria

Maybe he'll have the same birthday as his daddy!!! (and me...teeheehee)

kaitlyn tillman

DEC 2 @ 4:30 pm so he'll be EXACLLY 19 yrs younger than me and so i won't forget his b-day to easly ;)


December 12 is a good day (my birthday!). Is Erin planning on breastfeeding?? I ask because I work for Medela, the best breastpump company ever! I can hook you up with a killer deal on a pump if she is interested!


Holly Ross

Riley highly recommends December 15th! :-)

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