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October 08, 2008


Travis Speegle

Both candidates have been lackluster in the debates, the exception being the fire McCain showed in the final one and the frankness he observed in the Saddleback forum that left Obama dancing around tough moral questions.

On paper I am right or center in much of my political worldview, I am not a partisan however and I find neither candidate to be a good choice but one strikes me as a remarkably bad one while the other seems merely tolerable so as to avoid the remarkably bad one.

I shall be holding my nose on behalf of campaign, not because he arouses firm support but because the prospect of a President Obama disturbs me greatly.

Steve M.

Hi Jeremy & All,

First, let me say how fantastic I think Downhere are; your music is VERY encouraging, inspiring and just plain fun to listen to!

I was disappointed by the debate as well, but understand the candidates were somewhat confined by the nature of the questions. More than what comes out in the debates, I think it's extremely important to remember what the two candidates stand for: though John McCain is certainly not the most conservative guy out there, he does at least stand for the rights of ALL children, include those yet to be born, and doesn't seem to ascribe to the philosophy that Government can (or should) take care of everyone's problems. Certainly, our government should be involved in caring for citizens in tangible ways, but it should also be wise in how it spends our money! Frankly, the biggie for me is being pro life; I think we're up to 60 million or so abortions since Roe V Wade... As one person said earlier, we need to pray, pray, pray for our nation to honor God.



I watched parts of the VP debate last week, which is more than what I normally watch. They are boring and little new info comes out of them.

Wish I had watched this one, however, so I could watch the two attempt to out spend each other with my money to save the economy.

(And when's this third debate everyone keeps talking about? I thought there were only two.)



I watched part of it and listened to the rest.

Who won? Don't know. But, I think the viewers lost.


I started to watch it in hopes to see part of if not all of downhere(s) performance.
I have had a migraine headache now since last Thursday so to watch this was a chore I think by the end of the second commercial I was ready to snore and so I did not watch it.
I find the whole thing exciting cause any way you look at it this election is making history.
I just can not wait till the marking of the x's are done, counted and history is made. what history do you think is going to be made?


Yeah, I agree with everyone. The debate was all a rehearsed answer with no specific details about how either candidate would accomplish what they layed out. Sure, Obama may cut spending but how exactly? What programs? Sure, John McCain may be a maverick but how does that translate into action? I agree with Lydia on this one: pray, pray, pray.


Swinging back and forth between frustration and boredom was my experience. I kept waiting for one of them to clearly articulate any kind of vision for their presidency and I never heard it! That lack of vision is downright scary!
I came away from this debate with one concrete resolution: There is no man or woman that we can trust in to put this country back on track - it is going to take a lot of us getting on our knees before God and repenting for letting the country drift so far away from Him, beg for His mercy and trust in His faithfulness. Things will only truly get better when we, as a nation, put our trust in our unchangeable God!


I didn't even bother to watch it. I already know who i'm voting for, and politics doesn't interest me one bit.

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