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October 16, 2008


Dalia Camarillo

I'm a U.S. Resident for about 12 years. I come from mexican parents. It's really annoying that I can't even vote and illegal people could vote is rather bad.

So, you all Canadians have to have a "Green Card"? I mean you all have to be U.S. Resident to live here in the U.S.?


I am in a similar predicatment with the same sentiment. I have been a legal permanent resident alien in the US for 28 years....the length of my marriage to my husband, who is American. I am Canadian. It took me a full year to legally execute the paperwork to allow me to live here with my husband, following our wedding in Canada in 1980.

I believe you need to enter 'any' country LEGALLY, not illegally and
"do as the Romans do", once you get there.

I wanted to vote, but it was against the United States law and I would have been punished for breaking the law! Atleast I thought I would!!! :)

Travis Speegle

It is preposterous that regulations don't forbid people who don't show a valid passport or original social security card from voting, those are identification documents that illegals will never have and would curb voter fraud substantially.

What this is going to do is put more weight in the argument for a National Identification Card that American citizens carry, something many have opposed out of fear of a "big brother" mentality but it would definitely help secure the polls and it should be illegal to acquire a driver's license without one or a green card.


I'm a citizen, and this is one of those things that kills me, too. Frankly, illegal immigrants have already shown they don't care about our laws, so the fact that they are voting doesn't surprise me too much. But it still steams me.

We need some serious voter fraud reform in our country, yet neither party seems interested in it.

I'll get off my soap box now. :)



There are actually organizations with the sole purpose of registering illegal immigrants, the deceased, felons who no longer have the right to vote, and completely fictitious persons. Sometimes multiple times. But they front as community organizations with the interests of low-income (minority) families in mind. What they're really doing is casting a bad light on themselves and hindering the people they claim to want to help.


Ooooh... Great comment, Katherine! That's a whole different issue, isn't it! Kaitlyn, I get my Green Card, but it takes a while before I can apply for citizenship.

kaitlyn tillman

i thought you became an AUTOMATIC us citizen when you married an ammerican in the U.S.

Katherine Laine

And what about all the folks who aren't casting votes that should be?

lynse leanne

I am with you! I cant vote, and i dont think i should be able to until i become a citizen. my husband can...and he will.

it hacks me off that there are people who are going to cast votes that shouldnt be.

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